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Is Hotel Galvez Really Haunted?

On September 25, 1910, a team prepared to lay the first concrete floor of the Hotel Galvez. This iconic hotel, which is known as "Queen of the Gulf" and overlooks the Grand Malecon and the Gulf of Mexico, which became the symbol of Galveston's restoration after the devastation caused by the Great Storm of 1900.

The hotel was built on the original site of the St. Mary’s orphanage which houses 93 orphans and the 10 nuns who took care of them. When the storm hit Galveston, the nuns bound in hopes of bringing the children to safety, tied clothesline around their waist and the children's wrists. Finally, all but three children were killed, and the floor below the hotel was to be the last resting place for the nuns and children.

Although presidents and celebrities have visited the luxurious and glamorous Galvez over its century-old history, ghost hunters and adventurers have also left. The fifth floor is famous for its sparkling activity. If you are really brave, book "Special Rooms", 501 and 505. Tour guides recommend having your camera ready.

Witnesses have heard the doors of the rooms knock repeatedly. The performances of children playing and their laughter are frequently seen and heard throughout the hotel. And like all children, orphaned spirits tend to pull pranks hotel employees and guests. And on the waterfront Galvez is the Ghost of Sister Katherine, the pious nun who died while trying to protect the children from being killed, walks from one side to another, watching for the coming storms. 


All major hotels must have their ghost, and the Hotel Galvez has one that has existed for at least half a century. According to Jan Johnson (fifth generation Galvestonian and author of Walking Historic Galveston), Galvez’s ghost might be a bride-to-be named Audra. According to legend, she was about twenty-five years old and stayed in room 501. Then tragedy struck on her.

In the mid-1950s, Audra got engaged to a sailor who sailed in and out of Galveston Harbor. Each time their ship reached the port, she will leave room 501, and take an elevator to the eighth floor and climbed the narrow stairs that gave access to one of four hexagonal metal towers, which were in each corner of the main red tiled roof. Protected from the weather, she waited in the tower and looked through an opening for her lover's ship.


Then there was a powerful storm, and for days no one heard about his ship. Finally, Audra heard that the ship had sunk and that all hands had been lost. However, she refused to give up hope and climbed every day on the roof, praying for a sign. But no ship was seen by anybody. In desperation, she hanged herself according to legend in the west tower.

But that was only half of the tragedy. A few days after her death, her fiancé appeared at the hotel, very much alive, excited about a wedding that would never take place.

Almost all the hotel staff has heard the story, and some believe it's true. Senior caretaker Jackie Hasan suggested that Her spirit has been trapped in the hotel. Jackie Hasan was born on the island and is the fourth generation of her family to work in Galvez. Hasan felt not only the ghost bride but also other ghosts who live at the hotel. "My father was a mortician," she said, "and I think that my familiarity with death makes the spirit feel comfortable with me.

Hasan conducts ghosts tours and encourages the guests to look out for orbs of light and other paranormal features. 

Hotel Galvez decorated for Halloween in 1912

san antonio texas


In Texas, one of the most popular travel destinations is the city of San Antonio. San Antonio offers the popular Riverwalk as well as the Alamo and many other historic buildings. There are also places that people can visit if they want to do their own paranormal research. If you're among ghost hunters looking for excitement across the country, consider spending time in one of the following ghost hotels in San Antonio. Explore the spooky property that San Antonio, Has to offer.


Holiday Inn Express/ old bexar county jail

Today, the Holiday Inn Express is located just outside downtown San Antonio as a symbol of a period of torture. You see, the Holiday Inn Express was once old county jail in the city.

To this day, guests and staffs are experiencing paranormal phenomena, from the strange sensation of being observed to the appearances that appear in surveillance cameras and automatic opening and closing windows. It is safe to say that this hotel is being haunted and many of its prisoners have never left.

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Hotel Indigo at the Alamo

While the Alamo, Menger Hotel and Crockett Hotel are best known for their spirits and paranormal activities, a hotel should not be overlooked: the Hotel Indigo in the Alamo.

It was once said that during the Battle of 1836, the ground was literally saturated with blood ... and according to hotel staff and guests today, it seems that Texan heroes are still playing the last moments of his life and come back after death. From elevators swinging open on their own to guests hearing the tragic ghostly moans of men in pain, the Hotel Indigo in the Alamo has enough spirit to hold the paranormal hardest passionate hanging on their sheets at night.

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The Sheraton Gunter Hotel


Formerly the headquarters of the US Army (and Confederate) headquarters,

 The Sheraton Gunter Hotel has belonged to many different companies and many different people over the past two centuries.

With its long history, it is not surprising that the Sheraton Gunter Hotel is extremely paranormal. But what is less known to those who are not from San Antonio is that The Gunter was once the site of one of the bloodiest murders in the history of the city. Today, this terrible night has printed paranormal in the hotel, so it replay again and again

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The Crockett Hotel

This historic hotel is directly across from the tortuous Alamo, once the site of Texas' bloodiest battle in the struggle for independence.

But the Crockett Hotel has some secrets, including the fact that the hotel is a bloodbath. It is said to be one of the haunted hotels in San Antonio; you can only guess who is still hiding in their hallways. One thing is sure, the ghosts of the Crockett Hotel are here to stay.

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The St. Anthony Hotel

The St. Anthony Hotel is located in downtown San Antonio and has always been famous for its luxurious atmosphere and timeless elegance. (It was also the first hotel in America with central air conditioning)

But this historic hotel also has the rumor of being one of San Antonio's haunted hotels. While ghosts can follow you down the hall, or keep the cloakroom busy all day at the men's hour, the mysterious death in 1965 is the event that put The St. Anthony on the map as truly paranormally active. Do you have the courage to call this haunted place your second home?

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The Menger Hotel

Located right next to the Alamo, Hotel Menger is considered by many to be the haunted hotel in San Antonio, or anywhere in Texas. The experiences people have had with Menger's ghost makes it certainly lives up to its reputation as one of San Antonio's haunted spots.

The Emily Morgan Hotel

Located next to the historic Alamo Plaza, the Emily Morgan Hotel was recently voted third most spooky hotel in the world. Once a medical center in 1900, Emily Morgan was the site of all sorts of paranormal activity.

The apparitions, the dancing orbs and the ghostly visitors of the living remind everyone that they stay at the Emily Morgan Hotel, that they are not alone. Not when they walk around the building during the day and especially when they go to bed and settle for the night.

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haunted hotels of new Orleans


Le Richelieu

At the end of the 19th century, Louisiana was a fun place. The battle for eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand acres, known as the Louisiana Purchase, was in progress. France would fight Spain at all costs to preserve this vast country in the hope of transforming it into a great empire. After the acquisition, France would see an imminent war against Britain, which would affect these plans, and it was decided to sell the land to the United States in 1803.


Meanwhile, a burgeoning New Orleans was struggling with its own growth problems, such as riots, riots, and many other cruel acts. The remains of Spanish soldiers who had betrayed the French were also a problem in the city, as many were captured and executed. Public executions often took place in different parts of the city. One of those places where many of these death sentences were executed was on a lot that is now on Chartres Street in 1234.

In 1845 and 1846, it was planned to build several terraced houses in this block, where a small hotel was built on a part of the property, which was later extended in 1902. After the renovation, the hotel will be used for various purposes such as houses, apartments and even a macaroni factory. 


In 1969, the building would be owned again and would be officially converted into a Richelieu hotel of nearly ninety rooms that are located here today.

While Richelieu continues to flourish as a luxury hotel in the French Quarter, a strangely paranormal presence still tends to weigh on the property like the rest of a flaming fire.  Many employees and guests saw soldiers wearing Old Spanish military uniforms. It is said that it was the victims who were murdered here years ago; they walk in the hotel gardens and on the terrace. They do not seem to interact with the living because it is simply the residual energy left by the military executions. As already said, a permanent obsession does not necessarily mean the presence of a true spirit. This type of concern is simply a collection of energy that reproduces itself as a recorder, without awareness of life or its environment. 

Top 6 Haunted Hotels In New Orleans

Bourbon Orleans Hotel (Wyndham Hotel)

Before becoming a hotel, Bourbon Orleans was a convent. Over the years, hotel ghost has made their presence felt with both guests and employees. Sometimes, walking down the hall, you can see the ghost of a man who smokes a cigar and reads a newspaper. The smell of the cigarette is perceptible even when the ghost is not seen. In the ballroom, the ghost of a single dancer swaying to unheard music can be seen if you are lucky. Some of the ghosts in the hotel are less than friendly. A gentleman claims that an invisible spirit slapped him for a scornful word he said. On the seventh floor, if you are lucky enough, you probably might run into the hands of a Confederate soldier. Another ghost is quite forward to kiss the women he considers beautiful.

Le Richelieu Hotel

Hôtel Le Richelieu has been a relatively new business since it’s opening in 1969. Although it has been open for about 50 years, this has not prevented it from being reputed to be haunted. There are stories that say that the land on where Le Richelieu was once a scene of many executions. They are the ghosts of the Spanish soldiers, who were seen running around the grounds with their uniforms. The most common places to see these Spanish soldiers are the small bar and the pool.

Omni Royal Orleans

This luxury hotel is in an ideal location where people can enjoy excellent restaurants, art, antique shops and wonderful accommodations. The Omni Royal Orleans also offers guests to the hotel the opportunity to meet one or two ghosts. Fortunately, some of the ghosts that haunt the Omni Royal Orleans have a sense of humor and like to play prank on people.

There is the ghost of a maid from eighteenth-century who likes to bring guests to their beds at night. It is reported that this spirit does not only put people to bed. She is known to flush the toilet several times and take a bath.

We know that an invisible spirit lights the lights in the middle of the night. Some spirits will join the guests and follow them around the hotel, while other ghosts will move things around the guests.

Lafitte Guest House

The charming Lafitte guesthouse is located in the French Quarter and has been there since the mid-19th century. In front of the Lafitte, the guesthouse was an on-site hospital.

There have been many tragical events that have occurred in the Lafitte Guest House in more than a century.  In room 21 of Lafitte, one child once died from Yellow Fever, and the child’s sibling hung herself in the room. Unable to cope with her pain, the mother died shortly afterward in the room. It is said that the room has a great feeling of sadness and despair attributed to the spirit of the mother of two children. Crying has also been heard in the room.

Another little girl, named Marie, also died in the building. She is said to be walking around the hotel with her mother. The number of children, people, has claimed haunted the hotel is vast.

Andrew Jackson Hotel 

Legend has it that an all-boys school was once on the site of today's Andrew Jackson Hotel. Tragically, a fire broke out in the building in 1788, destroying it and killing five male children. Some people have spotted ghost around the present day Andrew Jackson hotel are those boys. These boys are noticed playing in the garden at night. In the reports, people said that if they cannot see the children's ghosts, they could hear them play. The claims on behalf of the hotel, General Andrew Jackson are also common. Those who say they have seen him say he walks around the hotel and goes out into the garden.

Dauphine Orleans Hotel 

Another of the most popular hotels in New Orleans is the Dauphine Orleans Hotel in the French Quarter. Some quarters of this hotel date from around 1775. Over the years, there have been many people in and out of Dauphine Orleans, including the famous John James Audubon. During his stay at the hotel, he painted the renowned series "Birds of America."

When visitors are not captivated and fascinated by the history of Dauphine, they may encounter ghosts who experience unusual paranormal activities. If you do not like the feeling of being watched, you may not enjoy this hotel, as it is quite common.

The Pranksters' spirits like to close the empty spaces from the inside. People have heard what looks like moans, not from living guests, and someone is knocking on doors. One of the guests in the yard is a dancer or a man in a military uniform with black hair.